Sleep Great With a Tempur Mattress

If your mattress is not the most comfortable or you just want a little more comfort when you sleep, Tempur have made a range of mattress toppers. These are perfect if you don’t want to fork out for a new mattress, but want to be comfortable and sink into some memory foam.

These memory foam mattress toppers reduce pressure and movement just as a Tempur mattress does; they are good for a multitude of health problems and keep your body in perfect alignment as you sleep, reducing the chances of any aches and pains when you wake up.

This is a much more cost effective way of getting a better night’s sleep than purchasing a new mattress, and if you’re on a budget it’ll be better to buy a Tempur mattress topper than to buy a second-rate mattress. Of course, if your current mattress is in a very poor condition you won’t feel the full benefit of the topper. If your bed is slightly worn you can get a few extra years out of it with a mattress topper, but if it is sagging or has lumps and bumps then the lack of support will transfer through to your topper. Toppers come in standard bed sizes, such as single, double, king and super king, so there will be one that will fit your bed.

The Tempur Topper 7 has 7cm of Tempur material to improve comfort, it has a removable, washable cover and comes with a 15 year guarantee. The Tempur Topper Deluxe 3.5 is quilted on both sides for extra comfort and a luxurious look. As these make your mattress quite a lot thicker, you might need to upgrade your sheets so that they fit over your mattress properly, but these are available in lots of places.

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