Search and Seizure Lawyer SC

The fourth Amendment places limits on police power in making arrests, in searching people as well as their property, and in sequestering property, items, or contraband. These very restrictions are the basic concepts of search and seizure law in America. While the constitution respects your security --since this is exactly what the 4th amendment is about- search and confiscation of possessions can be done by the authorities for many reasons. If a particular property was purchased using profits from unlawful means,, it is quite probable for the state or the government to forfeit or confiscate this property. When police have probable cause to think that sequestering your assets may help them discover proof of a crime, a judge may issue a search warrant.

Asset forfeiture is one of the most intimidating weapons the authorities may use against you; be it a consequence for an administrative action or a civil one or an action done within a criminal case. Although this can be quite a frightening and often uncomfortable encounter, it is vital for you to get a legal professional who can understand what types of defenses and methods ought to be applied in any forfeiture action. Appointing a competent search and seizure lawyer is your best option in this scenario. If you are in the state of South Carolina and are dealing with an asset forfeiture, seeking a search and seizure attorney SC really should be the very first thing you must do.

Search and seizure lawyer sc Debbie Barbier served as the Asset Forfeiture Unit Chief in South Carolina for several years while working at the Us Attorney's Office. With her nineteen year working experience and her competence in forfeiture issues, the 2007 Outstanding Contributions to the Asset Forfeiture Unit awardee is the ideal individual to telephone if you want a dedicated as well as efficient Search and seizure lawyer .

Deborah Barbier referred to as Debbie by her immediate friends is a Journalism graduate of the University of South Carolina . Although Debbie initially hoped to be a White House correspondent, she entered law school to get her Juris Doctor in 1991. Four years later, Barbier began a satisfying as well as flourishing law career. Barbier, who recently began private practice after working for the government for 19 years, has her brand new office on Laurel St -- Columbia's lawyers' row. The previous prosecutor created quite a buzz in South Carolina when she revealed that she will be on the other side of the fence -- defending the types of people she successfully prosecuted when working as a federal prosecutor.

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