QSFP cable - A Top10 QSFP+SFP+ Maker, Infiniband, Direct Attach Cable
10Gtek Transceiver Co., Ltd will be the world wide foremost provider of transceiver & twinax cable, it has started batch supplying  QSFP+  AOC series products, which length is from 5-150 meters and the fastest lead-time is only within 10 days , that will change the delivery bottleneck of QSFP+ AOC products in the market.

QSFP+ products offers the total of 40G Base - 4 channels 10G base data rate and provides 3 times the density of SFP+ ports. At the same time, QSFP+ products meet the standards of Fiber channel, Ethernet and SONET/SDH & InfiniBand.

'More fast speed, more high density and more low power' is a widely recognized goal in the construction of data center and the design of high performance computing at present. QSFP+ AOC is becoming the main product in the Green Data Center with its high density, 40Gbase Data rate, cost advantage and low power, and is widely used in the Fujitsu, Google, Amazon project.
would be the online shopping mall of 10Gtek Transceiver Co., Ltd, it is being direct selling the full line 40G,56G QSFP+ products including QSFP+ AOC,QSFP+ transceiver and QSFP+ Copper cable. In particular, 10Gtek Transceiver Co., Ltd hold a large number of finished goods in stock to make timely rapid response for customers' demands.

10Gtek Transceiver Co., Ltd offers lots of cost-effective high speed cable for the construction of data center and could computing to reduce greatly network construction cost.

10Gtek Transceiver Co. , Ltd also offers SFP+ Passive Cable,  
QSFP cable Active, CX4 InfiniBand Cable and Minisas Cable etc. high speed cable, SFP+, XFP, XENPAK and X2 etc. 10G transceivers and various 1000Base,100Base,OC3,OC12 and OC48 optical modules.

Please see more products like SFP+ Twinax Cable, XFP Cable, CX4 Cable, 10G Transceivers, Minisas cable in .

QSFP cable
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