Online Poetry Contests - What You Need to Know
On the internet poetry contests are quick and easy to enter with the poems appearing instantly over the website. Usually voting and commenting is any feature of the competition and the internet site will have tools available for you to promote your work to your pals, family and sociable media websites.

Most of which is great fun and ensures your poem reaches a much wider audience than mailing it off to a traditional sweepstakes where often it seems to disappear into a black hole of privacy, never to be heard of again!

This is fine, but if you are not careful you may find that you have entered a popularity competition rather than a bona fide arts competition so check that the winners are not determined on number of votes alone.

This not only devalues the tournament, but it can lead to a great deal of ill feeling amongst unsuccessful entrants who are well aware that they have been placed behind inferior work solely through lack of an extended network of friends.

Supposing the contest is being judge by a human being try and check what qualifies these to judge a literary opposition. If you are serious about your operate, you really want it to have ranked high because a knowledgeable expert says so rather than some web designer with an eye for a quick buck.

A well organised contest should at some stage announce the judge, usually from the start and provide a bio and links to their website if offered.

Check prizes and admittance fees. If a fee is being charged there really should be income prizes. Occasionally publishing contracts will be offered, but again you need to be wary. A lot of vanity publishers will hold contests just to attract business to their submitting services. If you are asked to buy expensive books or offered over blown posting choices, beware!

Final results. Regardless of whether you win or not necessarily, a person should have the right to see a full judge's report and a list of results. Check that these will at least be published on the competition site and preferably emailed to all competition newcomers.

Privacy. In spite of the vastness of the world wide web, people do tend to recognise others in their niche. Judges of off -- line poetry contests don't know the authors of the work they are judging and the same need to apply to an online competitors.

Personal information. Even though your entry should be displayed anonymously, you will have to submit some personal data such as email address and full name otherwise the organisers won't be able to contact you should you win a award. Check out that the contest provides a privacy policy assuring you that your personal details are secure and are not contributed with third parties.

Cash incentives. The very nature of the web makes it easy for anyone anywhere to enter an on the web opposition. If you enter a contest that offers prizes in a currency other than your own, you need to check that you can receive it. Pay Pal is a safe transaction entrance which will get over the problem for the majority of newcomers.

For those who wish to receive your prize by check, you may run into problems when you try to cash it. Most UK banks charge a £10 fee to cash foreign cheques which can knock a big hole in your earnings. In which more or less covers what to look out for in an online poetry contest , but where do a person find them?
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