How Much Should You Spend to Watch a Nepali Movie?
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Generally there was a time when people did not hesitate to keep aside a few rupees to go to a theatre hallway. Going to a movie hall may always be cost them ten to twenty rupees, and that ended up being expendable. Be it Hindi or Nepali movies , there was not much of a difference with regards to the price they had to pay at a cinema hall. This encouraged people to visit the particular corridor, at least once a month. Likewise, it also was easy to go there as a family or throughout a group of buddies, as well as did not have to expend that much. Likewise, if one needed a position for a quiet date ( occasionally deafening ) then the cinema hall was presently there. Which would head spending some money to get some great enjoyment ?

Points have altered, and drastically in in which, if you think about it. These days, the urban group does not want to go to any cinema hallway; it wants to visit the coolest cinema hall in community. And also, yeas there are many options accessible, thanks to the multiplexes and very facilitated movie halls. In the vly, you'll find cinema halls like Gopi Krishna, Jai Nepal, Kumari, QFX Core, Massive Theatre, Barahi, among other folks. Individuals throng to thee halls to watch movies of all types, and of all places. Always be it a Hindi movie, a Artist movie, or perhaps a Nepali movie, people do not think twice to get the best of services. No one ponders the issue, how much should you spend to watch a Nepali movie ? And also, why must anybody ? Is it not our responsibility to love Nepali films , and heed them the very same respect and status as Hollywood or Hindi motion pictures ? Of course, totally, yet if you think with regards to that, may be certainly not.

Just how much are Nepali movies made of ? Do the film producers in Nepal spend the identical amount of money in Nepali film that Hindi or Hollywood producers accomplish ? The answer is most probably zero, then why should we pay the same price to watch a Nepali film ? Is not it fair that we get to watch a Nepali cinema within, say about fifty to 60 rupees, even in the multiplexes. After just about all, most Nepali cinemas are about the same, with only a few exclusions. Their quality is not same as the Hindi or Artist videos, nor is their display. As a result, paying as much as other movies is not affordable for a Nepali movie.

Make movies that are absolutely Nepali which do not have direct influence from additional motion pictures. And then ask us to pay the same amount of money that we pay for a Hindi or a Showmanship film. And surely we will not hesitate to pay you the amount you ask us for you to. In fact generally there will be no such question as how much should you spend to watch nepali movie ?
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