George Brown's Google Sniper review
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Thank you for checking out my weblog , you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a thorough , unbiased Google Sniper review . Here , I’ll let you know the good things about the Google Sniper 2.3 ( google sniper george brown ) training program , the actual bad issues, as well as whether or not the issues George Brown teaches are still relevant in this post : Panda -- and * Penguin entire world.

So just what is George Brown’s Google Sniper , and why wouldn’t it work now?

Google Sniper
is a comprehensive , multimedia system training program on how to rank a internet site by “sniping” certain long -- tail search phrases. The idea being that if you can rank #1 pertaining to a Google search term that gets a few thousand searches per thirty day period , you can siphon off some of that traffic to your internet site , producing in affiliate marketing income.

The majority of Google Sniper review sites that I found were made WAY before the Google Panda along with Penguin changes. As a result, they are pretty out -- associated with - time currently. These two Yahoo updates get changed the game for Internet marketers almost everywhere , along with a lot of folks have been wondering if George Brown’s techniques are still relevant.

For example :
One of the facets associated with Google Sniper is the use of exact -- keyword domain names.

The fear is that with the new updates (specifically Penguin) Google is penalizing those internet marketers that rely on using keywords as their domain name we.e. trying to rank for your keyword “lose weight now” simply by buying .

OK, so does Google Sniper still work with the new updates ?

I decided to take matters into my own hands and created a sniper site subsequent George’s program to the letter. Using the techniques that I discovered, I am now pleased to announce that Indeed, The actual TECHNIQUES STILL Operate !

Undoubtedly , I am not the greatest at keyword investigation , thus my results were slower than they could have been.

Using about 3 hours worth of perform , My partner and i have a site running which has made a little over $100 in about two days , along with $70 regarding that coming in just the last 4 times. This particular entire website was made after the Panda as well as Penguin changes , right after the advice in the Google Sniper guide book. It took roughly 5 weeks to get those sales, but the important part is that My spouse and i got them and the site is taking off.

Currently , that will may not seem groundbreaking , nevertheless now that I’ve got the process down, I must say i can scale it as much as I would like.

What are the BAD things about Google Sniper 2.0?

Only like everything in life, Henry Brown’s manual isn’t ideal. My biggest complaint with the program is the keyword research section . I wish that there would have been a lot more detail the following , because this is probably the biggest reason why your sniper site will don't succeed. I last but not least saw success with my sniper internet site , yet I probably would have sooner if I would get chosen a better key phrase.

And what are the GOOD things ?

--George Brown’s Google Sniper
A couple of.0 system really is a comprehensive guide to succeeding in Internet marketing . There is a TON of data . The video nutritional supplements actually help give you good visual feedback to help you process all the info offered.
--It is a constantly evolving
plan. I can’t tell you how many products I’ve bought meaning that they were existing , but end up having copyright dates of 2007 as well as ahead of. Google Sniper isn’t like that at all . There are even live webinars every two days to address new improvements.

Brownish included membership into his Sniper By system for free. This alone is worth the price of the information.
importantly, THIS PROGRAM WORKS! I realize , I have made money with this. There is a learning curve, and you may not get results the first day time, however I’m living evidence that if you stick with this, you are going to succeed.

Overall , what do I think ?

Henry Brown’s Google Sniper 2.3 in my experience does exactly what it says it will perform. George uses this exact process to generate thousands regarding dollars per 30 days. The information is packed from start to finish with both traditional as well as unorthodox SEO techniques in order to get your site to the top of the Google lookup results, along with stuff your pockets using cash.

Should you are currently looking for a way to make money on the internet, I definitely recommend Google Sniper . Read the guide, watch the videos, and also implement the techniques. Google Sniper can and does work in the post * Penguin world. I understand , simply because I’m using the idea.

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