ERAU Blackboard

ERAU will be the world’s largest and oldest university, founded in 1965, offering degrees and applications in science, technologies, study, marketing and advertising and management of aviation and aerospace. The university has accomplished broad analysis addressing the demands of aviation as a consequence of which its students get fantastic expertise and sensible practical experience. ERAU has about 33,000 full time students enrolled in its campuses. ERAU, in addition to its campus classes, also provides on the net degrees and programs.

At ERAU, online education is supplied by means of ERAU Blackboard . ERAU blackboard is really a platform exactly where students from all about the globe get greater education on the internet. By means of Blackboard Inc., ERAU has been capable to provide its on-line students an excellent finding out atmosphere with immense facilities. When a student registers with ERAU blackboard, she or he gets facility of not merely taking classes, submitting assignments, taking quizzes and exams, but in addition the facility of viewing course functionality, taking print outs, reviewing the course contents and significantly additional. ERAU Blackboard supplies the most beneficial solutions to its students in collaboration with Academic Systems Corp., America On line, Dell Laptop, Go Network, Harcourt Brace, Houghton Mifflin, Kaplan, KPMG LLP, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, NextEd, Oracle, Pearson Education, PeopleSoft, Sun Microsystems plus the TLT.

ERAU Blackboard has served its students and improved the degree of education for many years. ERAU also makes use of Blackboard for its campus students. ERAU uses the Blackboard 5 technology for its students where they're able to view their on the net academic, monetary, administrative and e-commerce functions with worth added student services. ERAU blackboard with its latest technology has gone to the subsequent level by assisting the students in addition to the instructors. The course instructor can simply upload the course on the web.

At ERAU, use of technology has usually been taken very seriously. ERAU was the very first to come up using a department of educational technology within the nation which was established in 1996. As a way to hold implementing the best use of technology, ERAU adapted Blackboard Understanding technique and Blackboard Community Technique and achieved the goal of implementing an e-Learning environment. A essential component to ERAU’s good results is its ability to give innovative and Web-based delivery systems for programs and solutions and Blackboard enables them to complete just that.

ERAU Blackboard is offering the very best services to its students and is working day and evening to keep as much as date with all the technologies involved so its students are able to have education inside the finest atmosphere. ERAU is quickly to come up with other blackboard capabilities so all those who are linked to ERAU blackboard are proud to be a part of it.
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