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Fano¸ is a little island with much to provide. Both the North Sea, beaches, national forest in addition to excellent experiences in the nature.

On Fano¸ you can, very first as well as foremost, find peace and also serenity in a stunning setup. Our island, thus, has an extremely unique relaxing environment that match both family members with children, bonvivants and people which seek fantastic experiences in the nature.

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Nonetheless, Fanoe is likewise for you that desire an energetic vacation - climbing, biking, kite-buggies, golf and much more.Fanoe is abundant in society with galleries and art galleries as well as the culture-historical towns Nordby and also Sønderho.

UNESCO World Heritage

Fano¸ and the Wadden Sea Nationalpark was designated Nature World Heritage ini 2014 by UNESCO.

Nature on Fano¸

The Wadden Sea and also The North Sea - Fanø¸'s West Coast is one long sandy coastline. 15km coastline for bathing, sports, collecting brownish-yellow, seals as well as a lot a lot more. The east coast has tidal apartments with birds, oysters and tide.

Fano¸ supplies great nature experiences all the time. The coastlines and also the coastline are the main nature magnetisms, however, it is also feasible to have terrific nature experiences in Fanø¸'s beautiful landscapes. In the dune, in the plantation in the center of the island and also in the huge fields to eastern.

Enjoying the peace, serenity as well as the view from the summertime cottage's balcony is, however, an experience itself.

The Forest, the Marsh on the East Coast og and the Heath South and also West of the Forest are places with nature as well as few people. Along the courses as well as marked courses is where you could see the special Flora as well as Fauna of the Island.

Windsports on the Beaches on Fano¸

Said in all modesty, Fanø¸ has a few of the finest coastlines in Denmark. Approximately 15km of sandy beach entirely without stones as well as stones and typically quite child-friendly.

The beach is an awesome task area. Of program it is a showering beach, however, the coastline is so big that there is space for bunches of activities. Right here you can fly kites, drive Blokarts and Kite-Buggies, do wind- and also kittesurf and a lot more.

South of Rindby Strand a 3 km long stretch of the coastline is designated to these sports activities.Here it is permitted to surf as well as the coastline itself is perfect for beach navigating. One of the wonderful benefits is that it rarely gets damp. It is solid and completely dry.

The town keeps this part of the beach to maintain it ideal for sporting activities.

Fano¸ is a mekka for kite fliers. You are permitted to drive on the huge beach, so it is easy to locate an area where you can fly kites without bothering various other guests. 2 weeks in June Fanø¸ International Kitefliers Meeting happens on Fano.

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